Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Or simply put, how to grow your online presence in 4 easy steps that we can manage on your behalf!

It is all up to your final decision which steps are mandatory.

In depth keyword analysis

Analysis of the main keywords found in your company's business model. They can be simple, complex or compound words.

Competitor analysis

Your main competitor or competitors already rank for certain keywords. What it is to say that we can't rank better?


Other companies will tell you that a page with a long text will bring you to the first page. Lets call it fake news! Quotes will always be an important source of "relativity".

Local SEO

Regardless of whether or not you have a business with a physical presence, online presence in the respective environments is a must for creating immediate visibility.

What types of organic search presence we do for you

Social media marketing

You will say that SMM is not part of SEO and we will concretely contradict you. There are some sites that always appear in the first results, including Social Media channels. The presence is mandatory and must be defined as such to increase visibility.
link building

Citations and link building

Citations and link building models are and will remain important over time. Creating content on the business website is no longer enough. Let us say that when you go to the grocers' market and you don't know where to buy tomatoes from, but you go with the information prepared by a friend or relative.
search engine optimization


Everything related to search engines, from keyword analysis, to suggestions, article building, link management, internal links, tree building for your site and much more to improve your overall organic presence on the web.
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