Financial review services

financial review services

Professional financial review services for the examination and objective evaluation of the financial situation and other relevant aspects of a company, NGO, owners’ association.

Verification and certification of the correctness and legality of financial information and transparent assurance and trust in the entity’s financial reports.

Trust in our accounting services delivered to you by a certified company in the field with qualified and reliable staff.

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Review of financial accounts

We review and verify in detail the financial accounts of the organization, including the balance sheet, profit and loss report and other financial reports to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the data.

Evaluation of compliance with accounting rules and fiscal legislation

We check whether the organization complies with the accounting records and procedures in accordance with the accounting rules and fiscal regulations in force.

Verification of internal processes and policies

We review and evaluate the organization’s internal processes and financial policies to ensure they are effective and minimize risks.

Certification of legality and fidelity of financial information

Issuance of an official report, called an audit report or censorship report, which certifies that the financial situation of the organization has been examined and that the information presented is correct, legal and complete.

Assistance and consultancy

In addition to the certification of financial information, we can also offer you recommendations for improving internal processes and financial control.

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